Horizen Governance

Connecting to the mainchain

Voting for the Horizen Ecosystem DAO is done on the Horizen EON EVM sidechain. This is due to the inability to implement Snapshot into our mainchain. In order to vote with your mainchain ZEN you need to have ZEN on a Sphere mainchain address and link that address to your MetaMask Horizen EON EVM sidechain address. You only need to link your Sphere wallet once. You can use the same wallet for future voting rounds.

Your voting power is determined by the amount of ZEN you hold on the mainchain and on the Horizen EON EVM sidechain including the ZEN you have staked with Horizen EON validators. The more ZEN you have, the more voting power you have.

For a detailed step-by-step guide visit the link below.

Sidechain to Mainchain Graphic

Linked Addresses

EON Address


Mainchain Address


You can link multiple Mainchain addresses.

How to participate

The Horizen DAO uses Snapshot and Discourse for it’s governance process. Join the conversation and have a say in the future of the Horizen Ecosystem by participating in our DAO. In order to vote you need to visit the Horizen DAO snapshot page (linked below) and connect your MetaMask wallet. The voting period will have a specified start and end date, so make sure to cast your vote during that time frame. For more information about the proposals and voting guidelines visit the Horizen Ecosystem DAO Discourse page (linked below).