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Connect your Wallet

You can add a network to your MetaMask wallet by specifying the RPC endpoint and Chain ID to make a connection. Perform the following steps to make a connection. Use the table (below) to enter the appropriate values.

  1. To add a network connection, click on the network menu at the top right of your MetaMask wallet.


  1. The Settings page appears. At the bottom of the page, click Add a network manually.

  2. The Add a network manually page appears. Enter the following fields with the appropriate values:

    Network name - The name of network to add

    New RPC URL - The URL address for remote procedure call (RPC server).

    Chain ID - The chain ID of the network to add.

    Currency symbol - The currency symbol supported by the network.

    Note: When you get free ZEN from the Horizen Faucet, you are actually receiving TZEN, as it is required for the Gobi Testnet network.

    Block explorer URL - Optionally, add the URL address of the supported block explorer.

Adding a network example:


Gobi Testnet
  Network name:  Gobi Testnet
Chain ID: 1663
Currency symbol: ZEN
Block Explorer:

Once you have specified the RPC endpoint and Chain ID to make a connection, a notification appears stating, “Gobi Testnet was successfully added”.