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Build on the Best of Two Worlds

Powered by Horizen, EON is a fully EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contract platform built with massive scalability in mind.

Develop Your Web3 Products on a Scalable and Flexible Blockchain Protocol

EON - Scalable, Efficient, Easy
  • Easily integrate your Ethereum-based dapps
  • User friendly, streamlined deployment process
  • Quickly access Horizen’s fast growing ecosystem
Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP)

zkSNARKs enabled permissionless cross-chain communications

Horizen - Secure, Reliable, Robust
  • Powered by the Proof Verification Network for Fast and Affordable Settlement
  • 100% reliability with no downtime
  • Massive computation power ensuring scalability
  • Enhanced security with protection against 51% attacks

Building Dapps Made Easy

Build or integrate your Ethereum-based dapps using existing Ethereum developer tools to access Horizen’s fast growing ecosystem

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Join the Fast Growing Ecosystem

Join the awesome network of builders and service providers on Horizen

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